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General Forum Rules

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  1. No spam.
    All automated messages and links to competitor websites will be deleted immediately and poster will be permanently banned from the forum.
  2. Post in relevant sub-forums only.
    Messages posted in the wrong topic area will be removed and placed in the correct sub-forum by moderators and poster will be warned (multiple warning will lead poster to permanent ban).
  3. Respect other users.
    No flaming or abusing fellow forum members. Users who continue to post inflammatory, abusive comments will be permanently banned from the forum after two warnings are issued by moderators.
  4. Harassment.
    No threats or harassment of other users will be tolerated. Any instance of threatening or harassing behavior is grounds for permanent banning from the forums.
  5. Adult content.
    No profanity or pornography is allowed. Posts containing adult material will be deleted and poster will be permanently banned.
  6. Bandwidth.
    All images and signatures must be 200 pixels in height max. Posts containing over-sized images and signatures will be removed and user will be warned (multiple warning will lead user to permanent ban from the forum).
  7. Illegal content.
    No posting of copyrighted materials or other illegal content is allowed. Any posts containing illegal content or copyrighted materials will be deleted and poster will be permanently banned from the forum.
  8. No Advertising / Self-promote in the forums
    Do not post links to your site or product, or try to self-promote your website, business or forums as posts, threads nor PM's.
    To do this use apropriate categories.
  9. DO NOT ASK for email addresses or phone numbers
    Your account will be banned permanently and your posts will be deleted.
  10. Do not post “offensive” posts, links or images
    Any material which constitutes defamation, harassment, or abuse is strictly prohibited. Material that is sexually or otherwise obscene, racist, or otherwise overly discriminatory is not permitted on these forums. This includes user pictures. Use common sense while posting.
  11. Do not cross post questions
    Please refrain from posting the same question in several forums. There is normally one forum which is most suitable in which to post your question.
  12. Do not PM users asking for help
    Do not send private messages to any users asking for help. If you need help, make a new thread in the appropriate forum then the whole community can help and benefit.
  13. Remain respectful of other members at all times
    All posts should be professional and courteous. You have every right to disagree with your fellow community members and explain your perspective.


We will not tolerate violation any of these (and other forum rules). If moderator, administrator or owner decide that you can't be member of this community anymore they can permanently ban you from it without reason nor inform you about the problem nor warn you before banning.

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