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    Thanks,everything is changed and remade as they say
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    maps\mp\gametypes\_rank.gsc maybe, updateRankScoreHUD? I'm so sorry but I completely forgot these things. xD
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    If I remember correctly that is randompopup.gsc and these numbers aren't kill points, that's based on the damage. It was a long time since I saw that custom source so I'm not sure 100%. EDIT: It's threaded in globallogic.gsc search for crazy\randompopup
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    If anyone wants to allow 333 on their promod read this topic. To compile mod.ff from source use this cod4 pml220 source to compile your mod.ff Allow 333 on your own promod simply modify this and this lines
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    Enjoy! MOD-Script_packs
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    playerFps = self getCountedFPS(); if(playerFps > 300 ) { self freezeControls(true); } else { self freezeControls(false); } Ovo moras vrtiti u petlji (for, while, do-while....) sve dok je igrac na serveru (endon playerDisconnect, znaci da se petlja za igraca zaustavi cim igrac napusti server inace ce se nakupit hrpa petlji na serveru koje ce se vrtit i performanse servera ce padat) isto tako >300 moras drzat na visoko, iznad 300 (a opet ispod 330), jer ako stavis na recimo 251 do 290 freezat ce igraca iako ima lock na 250 zbog oscilacija i spikeova (iako je fps locked na 250 spike moze biti do 300 cak) Imas gotovu funkciju u duffmanovoj anticheat.gsc skripti
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