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    Enjoy! MOD-Script_packs
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    Hi all, I need help for set rank. My settings: Spawnplayer: if( isDefined( self.pers[ "Admin" ] ) ) { self setRank( 1, 0 ); self setClientDvar( "ui_rankname", "Admin" ); } mp/ranktable: 1,pfc2,12000000000,15000000000,Admin,Admin,rank_admin,15000000000,;,;,;,;,;,Admin,Admin,;,Admin mp/rankicontable: 0,..... 1,rank_admin maxprestige,0
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    I know randompopup)) on the picture of digits +56 +56 it from randompopup +15 this kill) [Hidden Content]
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    Up, problem it is solved at random Other question, let me not create a new subject and instead here I will write a problem. How to change this text +5, +10 etc kill points? its settings in what script are? @Gogo
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    If anyone wants to allow 333 on their promod read this topic. To compile mod.ff from source use this cod4 pml220 source to compile your mod.ff Allow 333 on your own promod simply modify this and this lines
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